Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 2010 Delivery to Walter Reed

Thanks to all my petal volunteers.... we had a very successful June delivery to Walter Reed Army Medical Center this week. Thanks to everyone who created arrangements this past Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Ann Harvey for teaching me some new tricks to share in the non-profit flower arranging business. We made 92 arrangements for Mologne House (delivered yesterday) and 25 crocks for the Hospital delivery today. The flowers made so many service members and their families smile and just plain feel good. The same couples were there and gave me hugs and thanks. Barbara K. and Pam R. set up our Mologne House flower carpeted table and we saw so many familiar faces. Lot more little children staying with their moms and dads while they recuperate. I could feel that everyone was looking forward to our flowers. One Mologne House employee brings us vases from our last delivery and she is so excited to give them back to us. The front desk loves the pens and our special arrangement for them. Parking is even a little easier now. We left there with a glow in our hearts.

Bill Harvey and I walked into ward 65.67.68 and 57 with two carts full of lovely bedside bouquets. Howard and then our angel Rosa (VIP Ambassadors) guided us around the halls and told us which rooms to set our flowers in. We left large arrangements for 5 nurses stations, left 24 silk flower Pens for them to fight over and gave one large arrangement to the priest for the chapel alter (he was pleased). We heard that Michael Jordon was visiting yesterday and Natalie Cole visited Walter Reed last week. It is reassuring that famous people take the time to give to our war heros too.
I ran into a familiar face from Mologne House a wife of a wounded warrior who is helping other wives who have just arrived (she has been here from Michigan 7 months). She is mentoring them and also planning a baby shower for those wives that are pregnant or have just delivered in the last 6 months. Every-time I visit Walter Reed I meet the most giving people and I am amazed at Gods works going on.

Thank you = Jerri, Pam, Tina, Joan, Liz, Scott, Claire, Barbara, Lauren B., Andrea, Eunice, Eileen, Liesl, Dede and Rachel. The flower arrangements were beautiful.
Thanks for all the vases that have found a home in my basement. Thanks for the plastic trays - they worked great for transporting the crocks today.

My plans may change for the July Delivery since my basement temperature has been warming up after 15 days of over 90 in JUNE. What is with that? I set 17 July as the next Flower event but I may just have a Hospital delivery on Tuesday 20 July and skip Mologne House. So we won't need so many flowers/volunteers and only make 25 arrangments.
More to come.

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