Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 2010 Delivery

December Holiday Freedom Petals Flower Event

December was truly a celebration of life and freedoms. This month was literally adorned and abundant in blessings. The Lord made it possible for Freedom Petals to deliver Christmas Holiday arrangements and sparkling corsages to Walter Reed Army Medical center today.

Our day of creation: On Saturday I felt His presence in my kitchen when 19 volunteers came to create Christmas arrangements at one of the busiest weekends in our lives. I taught everyone how to make corsages. There were many new faces that came to help, just because they saw the amazing articles in the local papers… I enjoyed the smiles, heard lots of laughter and couldn’t believe in this busy season that so many people were committed to this cause and came to share their talents for our Saturday event. We together completed 43 arrangements, over 50 corsages adorned with shiny Christmas balls, beautiful bows (we had professional bow makers and you know who you are). And the dining room crew made 36 poinsettia pens. Whew!

So today at 8:30 am December 13, 2010 – Mary Beth and I loaded up her car to celebrate the holiday season with our wounded warriors at WRAMC and bring them the healing gift of flowers. Howard (VIP Ambassador) met us in front of the Hospital with one Cart…. No really? One cart. Oh no! Mary Beth said, “Can we leave them here and come back.” Howard said, “Can we make two trips….” I said, “Pack them on, no coming back and please not two trips.” So off we went, with a few tumbles and a lake on the top of the cart. Oh well! The corsages were delicately packed in two shopping bags so everyone could pick one out; even the pens were in a bag since there was no room on the cart. We left the basket at the front welcome desk. We delivered two arrangements to the family assistance center and also left them corsages for their patients. We then placed the two fluffy white, blue spruce and pinecone arrangements at the Chapel alter. They were beautiful. After that we moved through the halls handing out corsages in the elevator, to moms, sisters, kids visiting their dads and nurses. We shared our arrangements with many veterans and shared lots of “thank-you” to our service members. We could see the spirits lifted before our eyes and we left with comfort in our heart. Success your hard work certainly was appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who came to help, thank you for the vases you brought, ribbon, cases of florist tape, corsage pins and silk poinsettias. To Eunice, Eileen and Coleen – my consistent Friday volunteer angels’ thanks for your donation in lieu of not being able to help on Saturday. We used all the silk poinsettias.

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