Friday, November 4, 2011

Delivery on Halloween - 31 October 2011

Thanks to all who came on the snowy, icey Saturday in October.  Who would have predicted that kind of weather in October.  We got started bright and early... 8 am (Teena is always the early bird).  Ten volunteers weathered the storm and made it in.  We worked in the cold garage and chilly basement, only in the 40s.  I had lots of flowers, Anne Harvey from the Herndon Florist  donated fresh mums and Johnny at Traders Joes Reston made Freedom Pedals its number one non-profit flower donation that week.   Every volunteer brought a bouquet as well.  Thanks to all!

We filled 50 coffee cups with oasis and loads of flowers.  Anne gave us two football planters and we filled them with her fresh flowers.  We set them on the two front information desks in the lobby.  I made a very large basket for the seating area and we delivered 4 large bouquets to the chapel and 2 for the Red Cross office.
Large Basket for the Lobby

Joan and I couldn't believe how fast we got there and then how fast we were done.  The cups turned out beautiful and I think if we are scheduled for December we will fill holiday coffee cups once again.

I know that we made a huge difference at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and we were blessed with lots of smiles from the wounded, the doctors and the nurses.  I am so glad we are back in business.  I believe that God wants Freedom Pedals to keep going on this path and he certainly helped us start a new journey.  His flowers are so healing and they bring sunshine to everyone they touch.  Thanks to all my volunteer family for staying close by and fully committed to this project.

Mugs in the Cooler
Witch Hat Pens for Halloween

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