Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28th 2012 Arrangement Making Event

There will be a flower delivery on Monday, 30 January and today was the start to make that delivery successful.  We had nine volunteers who made 50 arrangements and 30 valentine corsages and we managed to have some fun, too.  We had buckets and buckets of donated by Trader Joes, Reston who has been a consistent partner in this endeavor.  We also have wonderful volunteers who donate a number of vases consistently, which keeps us able to make these beautiful arrangements in all sizes and colors.

On Monday, Michele and I are going to be looking at Fisher House and other properties on base where we can hand out our flowers.  We look forward to a very successful delivery on Monday and hopefully a successful search.  
We will keep you posted on what we find and on our next event, which is in March 2012.  

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