Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 13th WFNMMC Delivery

We delivered beautiful flowers to WRNMMC on Tuesday at noon.  Our flowers brought lots of smiles and happy faces.  The theme was tie a yellow ribbon, so we had yellow bows on all the bud vases.  The nurses were beaming with our pens and everyone was enjoying the colorful arrangements that our volunteers created.

In April we will be supporting the warrior wives once again.  I will send out a list of items that we will need for their Easter Basket delivery. 

I've requested that the next Flower Event be Mother's Day weekend.  I want to have a Friday flower creation morning to make corsages for Fisher House residents, that we can deliver that Friday afternoon on 11 May before Mothers Day.
I will keep you posted on the next event dates and times.

                                          Pen and more Pens Lynn!  Barb struggling with yellow ribbon for our tie the yellow ribbon theme.                                          

                                                 Flowers are fun!  Mary Beth and Teena
                                           Girl Scout Volunteers
             The Flag Expers
                                           Serious Florists
Dede the Basket Queen

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