Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 October 1st Flower Delivery

We had a great day delivering flowers to our wounded warriors and their families.

Michele and Barbara started out the day packing the car with as many of the beautiful arrangements as possible.  The car was overflowing with flower bouquets and then some, for our first delivery to the hospital, then Fisher House.  We made good time to Walter Reed, even though we got a late start trying to push and shove the arrangements into the car, but we did it.

We were met at the door by HM Cole Lightner (Navy), our guide for the day, with two of the best delivery (Marine) carts we have ever seen.  Cole took us to the fourth floor and off we went to stop at each occupied room to see if the patient wanted flowers.  As in the past, we were welcomed in almost every room and even received a thank you note from Capt. Avila’s wife. His family loved our "beautiful flowers".  This is why we do what we do, because "Freedom Petals healing flowers are really appreciated and bring smiles".  That thank you note, I hope, touches the volunteer’s hearts and makes all feel good about the time we spend creating arrangements.

Luckily there wasn't as many wounded this time, but fear not, the arrangements left over were delivered to Fisher house, where we were surprised by a grateful welcoming committee.  They were also holding vases for us, "many vases", so Michele and Barbara returned with a car tinkling with the sound of glass against glass, vases for our future deliveries.  As I stated before "a great day to deliver flowers", once again.
Blog Spot Written by 
Barbara A. Kutner
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