Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Delivery Note ** Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish the Freedom Petals volunteer family a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  Thanks to all who came to create the wrist corsages on 30 November... the dance was a huge success and the women loved them.  Also thanks to all the volunteers who came on Friday, 7 December and yesterday to make the sleighs and holiday mugs for our Walter Reed Christmas delivery tomorrow, 10 December.

 We had 13 volunteers on Friday (I was watching my angel grand daughter) so I wasn't much help.  Thanks to Barbara for taking the lead and Nancy C. leading the garage team breaking down flowers with Elaine W.  Thanks to Susan W., Suzanne K, Susan L, and Joyce. Thanks to Marilyn, Eileen and Eunice (my FP committed three)  and thanks to Carla and Coleen for creating beautiful mugs and sleighs.

The Saturday crew worked hard to finished the remaining mugs and a few sleighs.  Mary Beth and her daughter Kathleen made 40 pens and 6o flags.  Maribel brought her husband Tony and he organized all the vases with Keith (my husband).  The shelves are organized by size and color..thanks so much for a great job. Teena organized the florist cooler and moved all the shelves around again.  She worked in the cold garage and cold cooler.  Thanks so much.
Thanks to Claire, Elaine W. Joan, Janice and her friend Pam.  We were all done by 11:30 so everyone could finish their errands and holiday shopping.
Thanks for all the vase, ribbon donations and financial donations to Freedom Petals this year.
This is the final delivery of 2012, completing another year of bringing smiles and hope to our wounded warriors.   See you all in 2013!
God Bless,    
Michele Bevington

 November 30th 2012 "Date Night" event at the 'Warrior Cafe' in building 62 Walter Reed Bethesda, MD.  Freedom Petals created 50 beautiful wrist corsages for the dance.

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