Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aleethia Foundation Wounded Warrior Friday Dinner

Friday, March 15, 2013,  I found 8 volunteers at Michele's house working hard to put together about 15 arrangements for the "St. Patty's Day" Aleethia Foundation weekly dinner.  We had a couple of holiday decorations to include in the arrangements and lots of flowers.  The bouquets came together fairly fast and all was finished by noon. 

After the clean up and all the flowers were safely stowed in the cooler, Michele and I headed out for lunch and to find more holiday items to place in the arrangement so  that all represented "St. Patty's Day".  We ended up at Micheal's and found that the Irish decorations were pretty picked over, but managed to get just enough.  We also were able to pick up a couple of "Spring" items for next week.

We were off to the dinner by 3:30 and arrived at the Knights of Columbus building in Bethesda by 4:30. Once again all the tables looked very nice when we arrived, but once we placed our special arrangements on the tables the room glowed.  It was very festive and Marilyn made a couple of basket arrangements for door prizes.  We had one very special arrangement (a red leather purse we filled with flowers) for one of the wives, who's birthday was that night and it was presented to her along with a birthday cake.  She was delighted.

The company was "the best", the food was great and the night ended for us about 8:00. 

Michele and I had a great time and we want everyone to know that Freedom Petals has had a special invitation to provide flower arrangements in October for the Aleethia Foundation's 10th Anniversary.  There will be about 40 tables and we are looking forward to making the room and that evening "GLOW" too.  We will keep you all posted as the time gets near.


Barbara A. Kutner  [email protected]

Example of the beautiful baskets                       Barbara at the Garden Club March 9th Tea Event!
Marilyn creates for the warriors!                           Freedom Petals raised $300 

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