Monday, March 31, 2014

Asbury Speaking Engagement

Michele and Barbara fought traffic and more traffic to get to our speaking engagement at the Asbury Village in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Monday, March 24, 2014. Donald and Barbara Woodward treated us to dinner. Donald is the Dean of Keese School located in Asbury Village. We ate in the dining room of Asbury Village and then we were invited to the hall, which was set up for 100 people. This was the first time Michele and Barbara were on stage and using a microphone for a speaking engagement, but we adapted to the special treatment with no problem. As the room started to fill up, they were setting up with our newest DVD, Allison Starlings Working Women segment about Freedom Petals, a table for making arrangements; we brought the vases, flowers and daffodils for donations. We started promptly at 7:30 with about 40 people in attendance. Michele started first giving information on how she started Freedom Petals and then showed the news segment with Allison. After that was completed she continued by sharing how long we have been in existence, volunteer numbers, what we do, statistics, what we have purchased to do the job, etc. As Michele was talking Barbara was arranging flowers in vases. Barbara followed with information about our Friday and Saturday volunteer days, our camaraderie family atmosphere, our visits to deliver flowers and stories about the warriors we have meet. She also spoke about the needs for Freedom Petals, like vases, scissors, pens, clippers, etc. While Barbara was speaking, Michele was arranging flowers. Then Michele and Barbara went into a question and answer period. Our finale was to offer the daffodils for donations. The arrangements (5) made during the presentation by Michele and Barbara, were going to be donated to the nursing home at Asbury. The evening was a big success. We brought in a nice sum for donations, which enabled us to purchase 2 scissors and 12 clippers, which will be gratefully accepted by the volunteers. Thank you residents of Asbury Village for a wonderful evening..

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