Monday, March 31, 2014

March Flowers Bring April Smiles

March was a very successful event and the flowers were plentiful. The Friday team was excited to have such a large choice of flowers. Trader Joes, Reston really out did themselves in giving us fresh flowers within all the donations of spoils. The tables arrangements for the Aleethia Friday Night Dinner were beautiful. We used square dishes that were donated by Michaels Fair Lakes. The volunteers filled the oasis with bright spring colors of carnations, alstromeria and daisy mums. We made 15 table arrangements and 2 baskets for their drawing. The dinner was at the National Press Club ballroom, a very interesting venue. They had 23 wounded warriors and their families. Every lady received a flower arrangement to bring home. The Saturday team was so excited to be making flowers for the hospital visit and Fisher House. We brought 30 bud vases to Fisher House and they were very pleased. On Monday (first non-snow Monday) Pam and I delivered the flowers to Fisher House first. At 10am we arrived at Walter Reed, Howard from the Visit Cell met us and told us that many of the wounded had gone home. We were elated. We gave many arrangements to the nurse’s stations since we had an abundance of flower vases. Our Freedom Petals bouquets were expressions of love and healing. Thanks to all who came to support this March event. Thanks once again for the donations of vases, silk flowers and Easter eggs to adorn our arrangements.
Aleethia Dinner Flowers


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