Friday, April 3, 2015


The March Flower event was a huge success.  We had our regular hard working Friday volunteers.  The colorful flowers from Trader Joe's finally brought spring time into our hearts.  Everyone was eager to contribute to our great mission of bringing smiles to our injured hero's.   We finished up all the Aleethia Dinner table arrangements and several baskets of flowers for gifts.  We also completed the Walter Reed hospital arrangements as well.

The flowers brighten up the tables!

 The Aleethia Dinner had a huge turn out.  Warriors and their families enjoyed a steak dinner.  Every family received a flower arrangement to take home.  Orchids plants from Trader Joe's brought joy to many as well.  We have had such a cold winter and spring the flowers certainly warmed the room.

Saturday was a very busy day, there were fewer volunteers so the workload was heavier.  We concentrated on large vase arrangements for Fisher House at Walter Reed.  The large baskets for the Hospital entrance and Fisher house desks were the icing on the cake, with bright pinks and spring time yellows.  Thank you to all the volunteers for making our March weekend Freedom Petal event a huge success.  

by Joan Holecko

Spring is here and so were the vases filled with beautiful flowers! We are getting so good at what we do. Who would know they were not created by professional florists. I am sure the residents of Fisher House and the Wounded Warriors can not tell.
Entry to The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is becoming more challenging. It didn't help that Michele and I were trying to enter simultaneously when there was an attempted forced entry at the NSA headquarters!
Thank you to all of the volunteers that make this all possible.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring! 🌷 🌻

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