Tuesday, September 1, 2015

21/22 August Freedom Petals Flower Event

The August Freedom Petals event was a huge success....  On Friday, 21 August the volunteers got ready for a first time ever Barbecue.  All the bouquets were in mason jars.  We created 10 mason jars, several baskets and a birthday arrangement.  We had so many beautiful flowers donated from Anne Harvey, Herndon Florist and a few days of collecting from Trader Joe's Reston.  Thanks to our supporting partners we had a successful Aleethia Friday night dinner at the Fairfax/Arlington Elks Club.
Friday Night Dinner
What a beautiful night and here we are at a BBQ . 
We were so blessed to find ourselves at the Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge #2188 for a BBQ and the weather cooperated so well.  It was not humid and it was cool, WOW!.  Someone was watching out for us.
They were set up for inside and outside eating, had checkered tablecloths on all the tables and a great amount of food (covered dishes) on the tables.  The food was so good.
When we got there, they were just setting up and we pitched in to help them.  When we were finished with the tablecloths there was definitely something missing and that was satisfied with the addition of our flowers. 
The flowers were fresh flowers that had a farm look, in mason jars with bows and lots of colors.  Our volunteers outdid them selves in making our addition to the BBQ perfect.  Thank you all for your help.
Finally, every Wounded Warrior left with flowers, a full stomach and happy memories.  

Barbara A. Kutner
[email protected]

The Saturday volunteers created all the flowers for the Walter Reed visit and the Fisher House delivery.  Monday the hospital was so appreciative and once again we saw lots of smiles from the Fisher House staff.  Our flowers bring lots of hope and healing to our wounded warriors and their families.
Thanks again for your time, prayers, and gifts.
God Bless,  Michele

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