Monday, February 22, 2016

Post Valentine's Flower Event - 19 February 2016

The Friday, 19 February flower event was a huge success thanks to all the volunteers that came to create beautiful arrangements for the Aleethia Foundation Friday Night dinner at the WGCC in Arlington.  Trader Joe's was so wonderful calling me all week with their extra valentine Roses, forced tulip vases and cut Tulip donations.  We had so many beautiful roses from the Valentine weekend.  Because of all the flowers that were donated by Traders I had a last minute idea...on Thursday, 18 February I called Marcelo at Fisher House on Walter Reed Base to see if I could drop off large vases of roses and buckets of colorful tulips for the Fisher House residents on Friday.  So crazy right!!! On the same day as of the event and the dinner.  I just didn't want to throw so many flowers away.  He said great and was sending in my name for a day pass.  
But when I saw Marilyn (super volunteer) at the door to help that morning...another crazy idea was to have her come with me and use her military ID to get on base.  Yes, she said, "YES"!  She had no plans that day.  So we left at noon for Walter Reed when all the work was done at my house. The Fisher House staff met us at the door and were so excited.

I got home just in time to sit and put my feet up.. Next packing the truck again with the Aleethia Dinner arrangements.  WHEW!  The tables at the club were shining and you could feel the smiles in the room from our beautiful bouquets.

This weekend I received this email and picture collage below from Margaret (The Aleethia Foundation Queen Bee).   You never really know what the impact the Freedom Petals flowers make until you get a note like this below.  
God Bless, Michele
Hi Michele
Spoke with the Elks Lodge organizer and they are delighted Freedom Petals will be provided St. Patrick theme florals! Their tables will have white tablecloths and napkins.

Again, thanks to Freedom Petals for the beautiful "Valentine" flower arrangements.  The tables looked absolutely amazing.   The glass vases with the tulip bulbs were very unique and so many folks told me how excited they are to watch their tulips bloom...All the "birthday boys" enjoyed their special arrangements.  Our sponsor was delighted to see "yellow roses" in her arrangement.  Seems her husband (1950 West Point grad-Korean & Vietnam Veteran) who died ten years ago on this past Thursday, would always give her "yellow roses!"  The wife who got the orchid plant told me that she collects and raises orchids and was so excited to receive the plant.  Her face was beaming!  During the last year, she has been fighting the court system in NC  in dealing with her husband's case.  There were so many stories ... and the flowers brought everyone a moment of joy.

I read this quote the other day - " are the sunshine, food and medicine for the soul..."  Thanks to all the wonderful Freedom Petal volunteers and donors of the flowers for bringing happiness to the wounded/injured/ill service members, their caregivers and family members who attend Aleethia's "Friday Night Dinners."
Hugs to all!
Aleethia Foundation

Aleethia Dinner WGCC Arrangements

Febaruary 19, 2016