Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flower Event 13-18 May

The May flower delivery to our wounded service members at Walter Reed Complex was huge success. This is all due to the hard work of the many volunteers that have jumped on board this wonderful adventure. The Freedom Petal’s garden was once again watered and cared for. I can’t ever thank everyone enough.

Starting on Thursday am, 13 May, Teena H (Lead Flower Angel) and I went dumpster dipping at Reston Trader Joes. This was not in the plan but deemed necessary. Traders had saved my requested flowers in buckets ( less damage) but then someone not part of the FP Club (without malice) threw them away bucket and all. Soooo Funny!

Chris A. from the Cub Run RECenter Nature Program where I volunteer came in the afternoon to help tape vases cut oasis and water the conditioning flowers.Ann (Herndon Florist) called to let me know she had a few flowers (purple daisy mums) for us. So we picked them up too.

Friday, 14 May 2 (way back friends) Elaine R. and Nancy L. showed up early bright-eyed ready to work. We started to make arrangements and then conditioned flowers that I picked up at 10 that morning. We worked in the garage and made an assembly line. We couldn’t believe how fast we got through all the bouquets. Friday afternoon Ann called to let me know she had ordered Freedom Petals a box of silver colored plastic crocks for our next event, When I went to pick them up she had a big box of white bud roses. She is another partner and angel helping our cause.

Saturday was a big day, as we had to create about 100 arrangements. Yikes! Nine wonderful volunteer flower angels showed up (to my kitchen florist) and we worked diligently with lots of creative ideas to create beautiful arrangments. Teena, JoAnne, Mary Beth, Nancy, Chris(my son), Christina (my daughter-in-law) and Jerri (her mom). Tiffany and her mom Mary Belle.

Maureen from Adams Green brought six girl scouts from Ashburn to make arrangements and silk flower pens. The troop had a vase drive in March and collected 30 vases. I had so much fun teaching them the new florists tricks I now know. They worked for one hour to complete their Community Service badge. By 12:30 Saturday we had finished all the arrangements for Mologne House (87)and 25 for the hospital.

On Sunday I received a call from Teena. I had asked her if possible could she come Sunday night to help me package up all the vases/flowers for their travel to Walter Reed Monday morning. Keeping them upright, stable and full of water is a challenge. She called to remind me that Ann (my miracle partner) had told us at her shop that she uses sand bags to add support when transporting vases. I of course forgot that very important bit of information. So Teena who is always so thoughtful had bought a bag of play sand and filled up two-size zip lock Baggies. She came over and we watered all the vases and packed them up for the trip. We were amazed how helpful this simple idea was, it worked well in the blue 2 liter Pepsi crates.