Monday, March 2, 2015


Hi Freedom Petals Family,

I know everyone is praying for a sign of Spring.  I cancelled the February deliveries due to the unpredictable inclement weather and some family health issues we were dealing with.  Now we are looking forward to our beautiful springtime arrangements for our March Event.  Thank you to all who have dropped lots of vases to my  house in the last few months.  If you can donate any springtime items to adorn our arrangements; butterfly's, dragonflies or lady bugs.....You get the idea!
Event date - Friday 27 March - supporting Aleethia Friday Dinner - 9 am to noon
Saturday 28 March - Flowers for Walter Reed and Fisher House Delivery - 9 am till done 

Please reply with the date you can volunteer to create flowers for our March event. 
God Bless, Michele (703 623-1508)
 Aleethia Foundation brings free family meals to the recuperating wounded warriors in the DC area every Friday night.  All donated by different sponsors and venues. ​