Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday 2013 Delivery

Neither snow, sleet or rain will prevent Freedom Petals from delivering flowers to our warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Friday and Saturday 6/7 December were successful flower creations days.  The volunteers worked hard to create 35 holiday cups, 10 drummer boy baskets and various vases filled with holiday flowers.  Ann Harvey from the Herndon Florist donated 150 red carnations and 150 white fuzzy mums.  They were the added Christmas touch to our red, white and green scheme.   I also had a wedding donation to use as well.  Thank you to all the volunteers and Anne for a beautiful holiday event.

Tuesday, 10 December started with a snowy mess.  I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I had contacted Fisher House and the Wounded Warrior Cafe to make sure we could deliver flowers for their enjoyment as well as the hospital.  In the morning I got a call from the VIP Ambassador that the base was closed because of the weather and that my hospital delivery was cancelled.  Yikes!  All those beautiful flowers go to waste!  I then tried to call Fisher House with no answer.

So I called Jack, the food manager for the Cafe.  He's my hero, he was in and would meet me at the gate.......Hurrah!  The delivery was a success..the cafe received all our flowers.  They had an event cancelled that night that was being moved to Thursday and they could use the flowers for the tables.
There was also a warrior just outside the Cafe getting ready to visit some wounded and I gave him a box of 6 vases to take the  hospital.

God works in his loving way.  I believe he loves the Freedom Petals mission and keeps our flowers in his keep.