Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday 2013 Delivery

Neither snow, sleet or rain will prevent Freedom Petals from delivering flowers to our warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Friday and Saturday 6/7 December were successful flower creations days.  The volunteers worked hard to create 35 holiday cups, 10 drummer boy baskets and various vases filled with holiday flowers.  Ann Harvey from the Herndon Florist donated 150 red carnations and 150 white fuzzy mums.  They were the added Christmas touch to our red, white and green scheme.   I also had a wedding donation to use as well.  Thank you to all the volunteers and Anne for a beautiful holiday event.

Tuesday, 10 December started with a snowy mess.  I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I had contacted Fisher House and the Wounded Warrior Cafe to make sure we could deliver flowers for their enjoyment as well as the hospital.  In the morning I got a call from the VIP Ambassador that the base was closed because of the weather and that my hospital delivery was cancelled.  Yikes!  All those beautiful flowers go to waste!  I then tried to call Fisher House with no answer.

So I called Jack, the food manager for the Cafe.  He's my hero, he was in and would meet me at the gate.......Hurrah!  The delivery was a success..the cafe received all our flowers.  They had an event cancelled that night that was being moved to Thursday and they could use the flowers for the tables.
There was also a warrior just outside the Cafe getting ready to visit some wounded and I gave him a box of 6 vases to take the  hospital.

God works in his loving way.  I believe he loves the Freedom Petals mission and keeps our flowers in his keep.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Aleethia 10th Anniversary Event - Hyatt Regency Bethesda Md.

 Thank you to the Freedom Petals volunteers who came together  on Friday, October 4th to make 42 table centerpieces for the 10th Anniversay of Friday Night Wounded Warrior Dinners.  This was the first time we bought new vases, ordered fresh flowers from a wholesale flower distrubitor and supported a hotel planned event.  The volunteers created wonderful centerpieces to adorn the tables.

                                              Sunflowers and Mums for the Fall Centerpiece

 Christopher & Christina Bevington 
My wife and I were asked by my mother to design an Aleethia star to go in a floral centerpiece for the Aleethia dinner. We attended the dinner and helped out with getting photography release signatures during the hors d'oeuvres and drinks. My mom, the social butterfly, most likely met and spoke to everyone attending. She definitely had plenty of friends there from past flower deliveries (it's obvious she's made an impact on a lot of lives among the wounded warriors) My grandmother was also with us to help deliver and lay out the center pieces. It was both a touching and eye opening experience to be able to see and hear the stories of these injured soldiers. I'm really thankful that my wife and I were invited to this and I'm very proud of my mother for starting something that does so much good for others.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Thanks to all the Freedom Petals volunteers!!
Friday, September 13th  9-1
Saturday, September 14th  9-1

OCTOBER  (Aleethia-Celebrates 10th Anniversary)
Friday, October 4th 9-1 "40 table arrangements"
Saturday, October 5th 9 till done

                                                  The truck loaded up for the July event!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Flower Pictures from Aleethia Dinner 28 July 2013

Table bud vase
Tesoro Restaurant Front Desk Basket

Independence Day Event 

June/July Independence Day Event 2013

Friday flower event volunteers completed 30 bud vases filled with red, white and blue flowers for the Friday night Aleethia dinner for our wounded warriors.  4th of July shiny decorations and American flags added a festive holiday look to the white vases.
It was pouring down rain for the Aleethia dinner event at Tesoro's in Washington D.C.   Freedom Petals had beautiful flowers to deliver to some well deserving people.  As always, we have the best of luck when we are delivering, there was an undercover garage that connected to the restaurant so we stayed dry.

It was a cozy setting, with long small tables and one round one.  We arranged our bed vases on the tables and immediately the restaurant took on a pretty atmosphere with our flowers having the motif of red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th.

Michele and Barbara and their husbands stayed for dinner and we sat at a table with some great people.  We enjoyed our conversation and learned that the couple sitting with us was engaged and getting married next August. We also learned from them that the visiting families are in need of the air mattresses so that they can be more comfortable in the hospital rooms with the wounded.   Michele stated that we would look into seeing if Freedom Petals could help with getting some donated.
The evening ended with the rain stopping and everyone taking home our flowers...they were so thrilled to have such pretty flowers for the holidays.  By Barbara K.

Tesoro's Italian Restaurant

On Saturday, June 29th a handful of volunteers created beautiful flower arrangements and flower baskets for our hospital delivery on that Monday.  It always amazes me how a few creative individuals can finish so many beautiful flower bouquets in such a short time.  We always complete the goals we set.  God loves our ministry!
On Monday, a rainy day as usual for our deliveries, we set out with arrangements adorned with red, white and blue shiny sprays for our 4th of July event.  All the decorations were donated by Melda a new volunteer.  Thanks so much!
We took beautiful baskets to the new coffee bar, just opening at the Wounded Warrior Cafe in building 62.  They added a very festive touch.
The hospital delivery was a success.  We used larger vases this time therefore the spills were larger as well.  By the time we were done the cart that held our flowers looked like a lake.  Joan H. and I said we should take paper towels but we never remember that morning to bring anything besides our beautiful bouquets.
Thanks to all who came to help, I know this is a busy time of the year and I appreciate the time everyone gives Freedom Petals to get the mission done.

Next event will be the middle of September.  Schedule to come. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 Three Events

Its so wonderful to think that Freedom Petals is still bringing such joy through flowers to our wounded warriors and their families.  Mother's Day weekend was a wonderful way to honor our mothers and all the mothers that love, sacrifice and watch over their wounded sons and daughters.

Freedom Petals volunteers and partners deserve a round of applause for all the hard work, giving hearts and their time shared on Mother's Day weekend flower event.  We supported three events; Aleethia dinner, the Wounded Warrior Cafe Mother's Day Brunch at Walter Reed, and the hospital and Fisher House delivery.  Whew!

Here are some pictures of the mason jar arrangements for the Aleethia Dinner and a bag of 35 fresh corsages the volunteers made for the dinner and the nurses at the hospital as well.

On Saturday we made all the arrangements for the hospital and bud vases for Fisher House.  The delivery was on Tuesday this time due to a monetary award Freedom Petals received from the Naval Officer Wives NOSCDC at JBAB *Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling*.  Joan and I attended the luncheon of 100 women who awarded $28,000 to non-profit organizations that support the military services in some way.
The flowers are created on Saturday and delivered on Tuesday...... it was so important that we have fresh flowers.  As you know Mother's Day is one of the big flower florist holidays and FP partner and friend Herndon Florist (Anne Harvey) donated a fresh box of alstromeria for our event.  Then on Saturday we receive another call from Anne to see if we needed any more.  She is one of our many angels looking out for the success of our cause.  Thank you so much!

The brunch was so much fun.  As everyone knows the Matoon, Illinois flower ladies made 100 silk corsages and mailed them out to us for the Mother's Day Brunch.  They were so real looking and brought lots of joy to our wounded warrior families.  Andrea my daughter's old roommate came with us to hand out the corsages.  Her mom is the florist that came up with this idea and they loved that they could support our cause from the Midwest.

The hospital and Fisher House on Tuesday 14 May was amazing once again.  It was Nurse appreciation week, Mothers Day and spouse appreciation month so we hit them all.  We made special arrangements for the nurses and 45 bud vases for Fisher House.  We always enjoy the smiles, hope and healing that our flowers bring the recuperating service members.  God blesses our mission and we keep Him in mind always.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother's Day Silk Flower Corsage

The midwest flower angel team created 100 corsages for the Mothers Day Brunch we are supporting.
Thank You Lori Garbe and your wonderful donation to Freedom Petals.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

May 2013 Flower Event * Mother's Day



A Successful March 2013

Happy Spring to the Freedom Petals family.  We have had a very successful March, with two beautiful flower events.  First was the Aleethia Dinner at the Rock Creek Manor house in Bethesda Maryland.
The Friday team created 12 St. Patrick's Day arrangements and a special birthday arrangement for a special service members wife.

The trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was the most touching delivery we have ever had.  It just gets better and better with every delivery.  The flowers were fresh and colorful this month.  Joan and I were asked to stay in two wounded warriors rooms and sit and talk with them and their families.  And luckily we were not in any rush and could oblige.   I can't tell you how rewarding that was to both of us.  Joan's son served in Iraq on two deployments and I could tell this meant so much to her.

We will be skipping April this year, but will focus on Mother's Day weekend with three events.  We will have a very large challenge to make 80 corsages for the Wounded Warrior Cafe at Building 62 on the Walter Reed campus.   They are holding a  Mother's Day brunch and asked us to support this effort with flowers.   I will be asking volunteers to pre-make the bows for the corsages in their home that week.
We will also be creating flower arrangements for the Friday night Aleethia Dinner and perhaps God willing make a hospital delivery as well.  All depends on the amount of flowers we can collect.

God Bless,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aleethia Foundation Wounded Warrior Friday Dinner

Friday, March 15, 2013,  I found 8 volunteers at Michele's house working hard to put together about 15 arrangements for the "St. Patty's Day" Aleethia Foundation weekly dinner.  We had a couple of holiday decorations to include in the arrangements and lots of flowers.  The bouquets came together fairly fast and all was finished by noon. 

After the clean up and all the flowers were safely stowed in the cooler, Michele and I headed out for lunch and to find more holiday items to place in the arrangement so  that all represented "St. Patty's Day".  We ended up at Micheal's and found that the Irish decorations were pretty picked over, but managed to get just enough.  We also were able to pick up a couple of "Spring" items for next week.

We were off to the dinner by 3:30 and arrived at the Knights of Columbus building in Bethesda by 4:30. Once again all the tables looked very nice when we arrived, but once we placed our special arrangements on the tables the room glowed.  It was very festive and Marilyn made a couple of basket arrangements for door prizes.  We had one very special arrangement (a red leather purse we filled with flowers) for one of the wives, who's birthday was that night and it was presented to her along with a birthday cake.  She was delighted.

The company was "the best", the food was great and the night ended for us about 8:00. 

Michele and I had a great time and we want everyone to know that Freedom Petals has had a special invitation to provide flower arrangements in October for the Aleethia Foundation's 10th Anniversary.  There will be about 40 tables and we are looking forward to making the room and that evening "GLOW" too.  We will keep you all posted as the time gets near.


Barbara A. Kutner  [email protected]

Example of the beautiful baskets                       Barbara at the Garden Club March 9th Tea Event!
Marilyn creates for the warriors!                           Freedom Petals raised $300 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Events 2013

Flower Events

Friday, March 15th - Aleethia Dinner Delivery
9am -1pm
St. Patrick's Day Theme

Saturday, March 23rd - WRNMMC Delivery
9 am to Noon
Spring Theme

Freedom Petals Donations

Every year Freedom Petals puts our financial donations to good use.  We raise money through the generosity of our wonderful supporters and volunteers.  We also have a great time doing speaking engagements for Lions clubs, Garden clubs, and Women's groups in Virginia and Maryland.  We only ask for a $50 donation for our speaking time.   It is our intention to use all the moneys' every year before we file our non-profit taxes.  Most of the money supplements our donated fresh flowers for events, flower materials; such as corsage wrist bands and corsage ribbons,  silk flowers and theme items for each event.  The big items we have purchased: year one was a three door florist cooler that has saved our flowers and keeps them at a lovely 34 degrees.  They look so fresh for our deliveries.  The second year we purchased a working sink for the basement (our florist shop), no more lugging heavy water buckets up and down the stairs.
This year we saved our donations to purchased a canvas top for the truck so we can use it for deliveries and also flower pick ups.   The top keeps the wind from blowing the flowers away.  This is a temporary top that can be snapped on and off.  Soooo cool.  Its maiden voyage was our February 2013 delivery to WRNMMC.
We moved over 60 arrangements with no damages, to Fisher House and the hospital.
I thought it was important for everyone to know where the thoughtful donations we so appreciate are used.  As always we also appreciate the wonderful hard working FP volunteers and all the vases, ribbons, silk flowers and flower material that we receive.  Thanks to my flower partners Anne Harvey of the Herndon Florist and Trader Joe's Reston.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Valentine Delivery 2013

The Friday team (ten volunteers) created the most beautiful valentine table arrangements we have ever had to adorn the Aleethia Foundation wounded warrior dinner.  Twelve square vases filled with roses, carnations and greens.  Festive valentine hearts and heart ribbon made this event so special.  Unique  baskets of flowers were made for the prize drawings.  The warriors and their families loved our flower gifts and the dining room smelled so wonderful with our arrangements.  

Thanks to all who continue to support Freedom Petals mission and to the Friday team (you know who you are) who show up every scheduled Friday event.

Saturday was  also a very successful event......we made valentine cups for the wounded warriors at the hospital and lots of rose filled bud vases for Fisher House.  Thanks to all the volunteers who arrived to make our valentine delivery special for the recuperating service hero's at Walter Reed National Medical Center and the residents of Fisher House Bethesda.

I am working on two events in March.  The Friday, March 15th 2013 date is confirmed for a St. Patrick's Day theme to support the Aleethia Wounded Warrior Dinner.  An email note is coming soon.
We are still working on the March delivery day to Walter Reed.
Thanks and God Bless,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi All,
Happy New Year 2013

Can't believe we are entering the 4th year of Freedom Petals.....we are still bringing flowers and smiles to our wounded warriors.  What a journey this has been.

The next flower event will be the Friday, 8 February (9am to noon) and Saturday 9 February (9 am till we are done). 
We will be supporting the Aleethia Foundation's wounded warrior dinner on Friday night, so we will make large table arrangements with a Valentine's Theme.  So start collecting those valentine items to put in the square vases.
Saturday we will be making arrangements for the hospital and Fisher House.  Perhaps we can make a few valentine corsages for the hospital, too.

 As always the mission of Freedom Petals succeeds only with the support of its wonderful volunteers and I thank all of you for giving of your valuable time, donations and prayers. 

God Bless, 
See you in February,