Monday, June 25, 2012

Wounded Warrior Dinner Pictures

Marilyn's baskets

June Special Warrior Dinner Event

The June flower event started with a bang.....Lots of spoil flower donations from our partner Trader Joe's Reston, Fresh Yarrow and Mums donation from Anne Harvey (Herndon Florist), we just love her and some help on Thursday (Elaine and Nancy L.) to break down and condition the flowers for our special dinner event.
Friday volunteers created 13 table arrangements, two baskets (door prizes) and our trademark flags.  Everyone worked very hard to finish all the glass cube vases for delivery that afternoon.

Nancy's Creation


We adorned each arrangement with donated flag parasols.  It's funny I was told they had 12 tables but when I got there they told me they had 14 tables but had removed one.  We made 13, go figure.

Keith got so lost trying to find the Capital Hill Club......lots of closed roads in D.C.  But when I arrived Margaret and the staff were ready for our arrangments.  They serve a total of 130. The wounded warrior members and their families.  This happens because of the Aleethia Foundation.  They serve the members a free donner every Friday night in different venues in D.C.  We are so excited to be part of this wounded warrior project.
Cute Parasols 

Friday, June 8, 2012

JUNE 15-16 Flower Event

It's that time again, summer flowers in full bloom for our wounded warriors.  We have a confirmed delivery for Monday, 18 June to Fisher House at Walter Reed Bethesda MD. and we are also going to support the Aleethia Foundation that provides dinners every Friday night to our wounded warriors in the Metro area.  I promised them 12 table arrangements and a large basket for the door prize.  The dinner is at the Capitol Club in SE Washington D.C., Friday, 15 June.  So I will need some serious help on Friday.

Friday, 15 June - 9-1 p.m.
Saturday, 16 June - 9-2 p.m.

Please reply to my email with the days you can help.  I am also asking, everyone coming to help, to bring a bouquet of flowers to supplement our supply (only if you can afford it).  We always need ribbon, pens and silk flowers, too.

Good news I have a plumber coming to the house on Tuesday to see how much it will be to install a large sink in the basement so we have water downstairs.  NO more toting buckets up and down the stairs. Yahoo! 

God Bless. Look forward to seeing you all.  Michele