Thursday, June 29, 2017

Boulder Crest Retreat 4th Annual Hoedown fundraiser 3 June 2017

We supported the Hoedown for Boulder Crest Retreat on June 3, 2017.   Freedom Petals created beautiful flower arrangements for each dinning  table and end tables throughout the main building. Our volunteers also made arrangements for each cabin. 

Our arrangements for the tables were in cowboy boots vases with western/field flowers that sat in the middle of each table.  Everyone was so excited and pleased with the motif and said that they were so appropriate for the occasion.

Freedom Petals also made a beautiful and huge arrangement for the Silent Auction.  As people walked by the arrangement we heard many compliments and "I want that" from people signing up for the auction that we were very excited that it was bringing in another donation.

I just want to mention that the weather was beautiful and the grounds were well decorated for the event by many volunteers.
It was a great event.

Finally, the event brought in $135,000 for Boulder Crest Retreat and we all had a great time. 

Barbara A. Kutner
[email protected]

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mothers Day Event 12 May Aleethia Thank You

Happy Mother's Day Michele,
Thank you and all the wonderful volunteers of Freedom Petals who designed and provided beautiful corsages and floral arrangements to help celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Mother's Day Weekend at Aleethia's May 12 "Friday Night Dinners."  The ladies throughout the room were excited to receive the corsages and some of the men asked me for a corsage to take back to their nurses (since it was the last day of "Nurses Week") or for their Moms.   I'm attaching a photo of scenes of "smiling faces!"  Also, the four hydrangea plants found four different homes.  One is making its way to a service member's family in Fort Eustis in Virgnia Beach.
Again, thank you for helping us to honor Moms, Spouses, Nurses, a newly married couple and a "newly" engaged couple with an array of flowers.  It was quite an exciting evening for all!
Enjoy your day!
Aleethia Foundation

Mother's Day Event

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Wounded Warrior Wedding at Walter Reed

Freedom Petals Inc. and The Herndon Florist provided beautiful flowers for a special couple at Walter Reed this month.  We were so excited to help Rick and Lynn with their wedding flowers.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

February/March Events - Speaking Engagements and Warrior Dinner

  Whew!  This has been a very busy 2017 already.  We had two successful speaking projects; one with the Laurel Garden Club in Springfield, VA February 28th and one at Fort Myers Army Officer  Spouses Club of Greater Washington Area (AOSCGWA).   We have three volunteers from the Laurel Club; Carrie, Judy and Joyce.  Thanks for all your support.

Our St. Patty's day flower event for the Wounded Warrior Aleethia Dinner  at the Fairfax/Arlington Elks club was wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who baked delicious "Green" cupcakes for this occasion.  They were deeply appreciated by all.  We had several new happy volunteers who came to learn and try their hands at creating flowers for this event.  They had attended our speaking engagements and came to help at this event.


Once again our thank you notes from Margaret say it all.  And she includes a collage of our flowers from the dinners.  We love the families and warriors that Margaret and Hal support every Friday night at the dinners.  We have met some of the most interesting veterans.

Dearest Michele,

Thank you and your band of "Freedom Petals" volunteers for all the beautiful floral arrangements that brighten up the room and filled the room with smiles.   Over 60 wounded/injured/ill service members, their families and guests enjoyed the "St Paddy's Day" theme flower arrangements at Aleethia's Friday Night Dinner held on March 17th at the Fairfax Elks Lodge.  Flowers bring a moment to forget about our troubles.  Many attending the dinner are going through cancer treatments and the flowers certainly lifted their spirits.  The extra bouquets were taken back to the Fisher Houses to bring joy to those unable to attend the dinner.

Also, we thank the volunteers who provided the "dozens" of amazing "green" cupcakes We took a few back to Fisher House 5 that has many children residing in this house.  We heard they were eaten within minutes of the delivery and left many "green" smiling faces!!!

We always enjoy when Freedom Petals makes everyone have that warm and fuzzy feeling when being in a room filled with flowers!

Hugs and Blessings to all!

Aleethia Foundation

In April Freedom Petals with the help of Anne Harvey from the Herndon Florist will be providing flowers to a veteran that we met at the March Aleethia dinner.  He is getting married in April at Walter Reed's Chapel.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 3rd Aleethia Dinner and Boulder Crest Couples Dinner Flowers

The Friday, February 3rd 2017 flower event was a  huge success.  We had new volunteers and of course our Friday team working very hard to make the early Valentine themed flowers so beautiful.
Thank you to all who share their talents at my house every month creating bouquets for our heroes.

Here is the note from Margaret of Aleethia and a collage of our dinner table arrangements.

Hi Michele,

Thanks to you and the Freedom Petals' volunteers for spreading joy with flowers!  The floral arrangements always add beauty to the tables and fill the room with positive energy and smiling faces. I'm attaching a collage of "smiling faces!"  Cheryl was so happy to take back the extra bouquets to the Fisher Houses and she was planning to put bouquets in the patients/families' rooms to brighten their day and make them feel special.  I heard the cupcakes were gone within the hour of their delivery.

As you know flowers serve a dual function ... the joy of both giving and receiving!

We look forward to Freedom Petals bringing more smiles to Aleethia's Friday Night Dinner in March.


Aleethia Foundation

The first week in February I also received a call from Carrie our contact at Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont Va. asking for some table flower arrangements for a couples dinner they were planning for 
Saturday 11 February.  The large farm tables are in each of the log cabins on the property.  Theresa and I got together one afternoon and created them for this event.  Thank you so much for your time and talents.