Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The September event had many gifts and blessings. On Friday there were 4 volunteers flower angels (Jerri, Pam, Eileen, Eunice) and we created 53 arrangements. This month I decided to reduce the number of arrangements to Mologne House because when we depart on Monday we leave so many arrangements on the table and also place many in the Cafeteria. So my goal was only 65 for the hotel. The change in our happy story was the increase in the numbers for the hospital. The week before the delivery I always send off an e-mail to Walter Reed Administrators and the hotel POC Peter to let them know we are on our way. I always ask the Hospital VIPs how many arrangements they will need, mind you we started last January with 9 bedside bouquets and brought 25 in July.
The response I received from the Hospital gave me the chills and validated to me that our mission is more valuable than we could ever understand. The staff at the hospital certainly appreciate and see what an impact we make on the service members and their families when we bring our petals of hope and healing. So Lindsey asked if we could double our numbers and that says it all.
So we made 50 flowers arrangements, 36 silk flower pens and 8 large arrangements in beautiful ceramic pitchers for the nurses stations ( we visited 6 wards). I have since received 2 thank you letters from the Family Assistance Center director and hope I can meet him at the next delivery.
On Saturday we had a few new volunteer angels show up, dear friend Caeci and her mom Sandra came from Montgomery Village to share their talents and see what we were all about.
Teena came with bagels, Yum! Mary Beth and daughter showed up and Christina (my special daughter in law). My father-in-law Bob (age 87) came to organize 1200 vases in the basement.

Even though I purchased $120 in flowers from Costco we ran out of flowers by noon. But when a door closes just be patient and God will open another one or a small window (he likes windows too). I got a call around 12:30 from Adams Green one of Freedom Petal's wonderful partners. They had 4 Fresh arrangements for us. So we loaded up in Caeci's SUV to pick them up. One of them was so large it took the whole back, it was red gerber daisies, red gladiolas, yellow mums/sunflowers and lots of ferns. We were on cloud nine and everyone that was still there made some beautiful fresh arrangements in the pitchers.
Mologne House delivery went without a hitch. No rain, lots of parking and table was ready for us. There seemed to be less hotel residents this month and that is certainly great news. Barbara K., Christina (daughter-in-law), Ginny and I handed out all but a few bouquets. Our numbers were perfect this time. We shared stories and watched smiles grow with every arrangement we gave out. We left by 11:30 and as usual we ended our delivery with a shared meal, lunch at Moma Lucias in Reston.
Tuesday morning off to Walter Reed, Clare K. a workmate came to make this delivery, her first time and Freedom Petals first time with over 50 arrangements. I couldn't believe we got them all in one car. We had a new ambassador and she heard all about us and was so excited to be apart of this joyful event. We brought smiles with lots of fresh petals this time and there were some very emotional moments. A solemn and serious delivery. The nurses went crazy over our pens and we had plenty to go around. Once again its funny how God takes care of us, in all the sadness and seriousness we were waiting for the elevator to go to another wounded warrior ward and Clare with the cart and our purses on the bottom went into the elevator. A friend of one of the patients stopped the ambassador and I to make sure we had left his friend a flower arrangement and as we were talking the door of the elevator closed and off went Clare into the depths of the hospital ( it is a large one). Mind you this was a new VIP Ambassador and she had just lost her customer. I was tickled because we needed this diversion so much. We finally met up with her back in the Lobby where we begin the trek.

I wanted to thank all those special volunteer angels that show up every month to create bouquets, drop by vases, send me e-mails, give flowers, work the deliveries, network with friends and just pray.