Thursday, March 31, 2011

MARCH Came Up Roses

The March 2011 event was filled with beautiful donated roses.  Mostly left over from Valentines Day.  Lots and lots of talented volunteers made beautiful bouquets for our March event.  Mologne House was quiet this time, we saw many familiar faces and lots of patients were there to share their stories with us.  We gave out 80 arrangements and placed milk glass, white rose, filled bud vases on every table in the cafeteria.  It really brightened up their lunch hour.   Susan and Donna accompanied me to Mologne House and the flowers brought lots of joy to the service members and their families.

Tuesday's Hospital delivery was so exciting.  Lots of buzz going on!   Because of our Florist Cooler the arrangements were never so fresh and brightly colored.  Hillary and I brought 25 arrangements....the Nurses were so thrilled with the silk flower pens that Rachel made with her two birthday friends.  We took 45 pens and handed out all of them.  The 4 Chapel arrangements were so beautiful that the Chapel office called me a week later to let us know how much they appreciate our flowers every month.  I truly believe that the spirit of healing is so strong in flowers....... we saw an imediate affect on everyone we gave them to.   The flowers vasese elicite joy, smiles and a sense of feeling better...they are just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks again to all the Freedom Petals family volunteers who commit their time to create beautiful flowers, support this program in so many ways and to all who bring vases to my stoop every week.