Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aleethia Dinner - Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge August 12th

The Friday, August 12th Flower Event was a huge success, the 10 volunteers from the Friday team worked tirelessly to create beautiful table arrangements for the Warrior Dinner at the Elks Lodge 2188.  The room was immediately transformed with our flowers welcoming over 80 attendees from our warrior families.  The pot luck dinner was delicious with grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and fried chicken.  The Elks members are so organized and so kind to host these dinners.  Freedom petals provided the flowers and also contributed 90 cupcakes (thanks to Mary Beth, Donna, Barbara)  for this event.  We celebrated a wounded warrior member birthday and a 9 year wedding anniversary as well.  And of course we provided special flowers to both.
I have attached a special thank-you note from our Aleethia POC Margaret.  
Thanks so much to the Freedom Petals Family,
God Bless, Michele


Thanks so very much to you and your band of volunteers who designed such beautiful floral arrangements for Aleethia's Friday Night Dinner being held at the Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge.  You can't help but feel such positive energy and emotions of happiness as the wounded/injured/ill service members and their families entered the room.  I believe the flowers created a room filled with sharing, laughter and healing.

Again, Freedom Petals outdid themselves.  We are so appreciative of Freedom Petals' partnership with Aleethia's programs.  We look forward to the next time you can fill the dining room with happiness!

Also, thanks for the help with the birthday cake, anniversary flowers and more.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.