Sunday, March 14, 2010

Freedom Petals Still Going Strong!

Hi Everyone,
I know everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! Can't wait for Spring, I have a few updates to share and I will bullet them to make it easier to read.
1.) I broke down all the remaining flowers from last week's event. The last large basket arrangement was spruced up and I delivered it to the Ruckert Shelter in Reston. They loved it!
2.) I spoke at a girl scout troop meeting in Landsdowne and had so much fun. Their leader is my contact at AdamsGreen funeral home. The troop will be conducting a Vase Drive for Freedom Petals and this will give them Community Service hours for their service badge. At the meeting they wrote thank you letters to the service members, I plan on give them to the red cross to hand out.
3.) Sent out confirmation notes to Mologne House and Walter Reed Hospital for our next delivery dates in March.
4.) Received a touching note and a financial donation from the Air Force Association - Minutemen (Acton, MA) in the name of Ron Mason. He is an Air Force Civilian and many of his employees are deployed soldiers.5.) I did some flower type research and the flower we never can remember is ALSTROEMERIA. They last 10 days in water.
6.) Spent all of today submitting an application to the Pepsi website ( they are giving out money to new idea projects that help our world become a better place. I think it finally flew with Chris's help. It should be on the website in April. Please vote for Freedom Petals.7.) See attached: a really cool document titled Language of Flowers. Sentimental tradition of flowers. Enjoy!
8.) TJ Max in Fairfax Square - near Safeway has floral clippers by Elizabeth's Garden. They have 1/2 and 3/8 cutting width. I bought the 1/2" stem cutting width. They were 3.99, a good deal. They worked great too.
9.) I will try to order the thin clear tape for our next flower arranging weekend. We will be using large water vases this time and the clear tape makes the flowers fall into place easier.
Take care and God Bless,Michele

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