Tuesday, November 15, 2016

4 November Aleethia Dinner Event

Dear Michele,
Thanks to you and all the wonderful volunteers of Freedom Petals who designed such beautiful floral arrangements for Aleethia’s Friday Night Dinner held on November 4, 2016 at the Washington Golf & Country Club.  It made the dining room more welcoming and created a sharing atmosphere.   It’s been said that the essence of flowers contain magical healing powers and that was quite evident by all the excited smiles.  Besides all the service members and caregivers leaving the dinner with a container of flowers, several bouquets were delivered to families at the Fisher Houses on base.  We learned that one of the Fisher Houses was hosting a “pancake breakfast” for Veterans on Saturday and were thrilled to receive some of the centerpieces.  The “floral ballpoint pens” were delivered to the staff on the oncology wards at WRNMMC.   
Also, we greatly appreciate your generosity in donating the gift cards that will be included in the upcoming holiday gift bags for the wounded/injured/ill service members and caregivers.
Again, thank you for touching everyone in such a joyful and unique way.   We wish you, your volunteers and their families a very Blessed Thanksgiving!
Aleethia Foundation


  1. Wow! beautifully done Michele! your work looks really great, as expected from you... bet it was a really fun dinner night with everyone!! Your combinations and color swatches are really pretty!!

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