Monday, February 6, 2012

WRNMMC January 30th Delivery

We started out early and arrived in Bethesda around 9:30am.  Michele suggested that we go to Fisher House first and talk to someone in the office.  We located the houses easily (there are three houses with about 30 rooms all together).  We had a chance to drop off flowers and get the necessary information to possibly continue this service. Hurrah!!!

After leaving there with our spirits boosted, we arrived at the hospital right on time and was greeted by Chris, our noted parking spot and a  handcart.  Chris helped us unload and we were off to deliver to our warriors.

What a day!  We ended up delivering every arrangement, had a great reception by everyone we saw and found that the staff and soldiers were actually, in some cases, waiting for us.  I cannot tell you how happy Michele and I were when we left.  We had a very successful delivery and we  are so looking forward to our March delivery.

I feel we have been so blessed by the staff that greets us at Walter Reed and the reception we are getting at Fisher House and the hospital.  This is truly a ministry that puts smiles are many faces in need.

Thanks to all who are supporting Freedom Petals in some way or another.
God Bless

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