Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aleethia Dinner - Friday 9 May 2014 Mother's Day Event

Good Morning Michele,
Thanks so much for bringing smiles to the wives, moms etc. As usual it was a chaotic beginning but all worked out...we passed out the arrangements at the end and everyone was excited to take the flowers home. They said to send their thanks to you since you and Keith had to leave early. We had one corsage left and I gave it to one of our volunteers to take home to his #1 lady! I gave the basket for the restaurant to the owner's son and he was very appreciative and was going to display it on their front entrance table and said to thank you! Since we didn't do door prizes because Clark brought a gift card for every service member... I gave the other basket of flowers to one of the Marines who was headed out the door to drive 5 hours to surprise his Mom for Mother's Day... he was excited to have flowers to give her when he got their later that night. I saw this morning she posted a picture of flowers (attached is the photo she posted on facebook) she received (hmmmm! they look familiar) so your flowers brought a smile to a Marine Mom and made her son feel happy to have a basket of flowers for his Mom. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks again to all your volunteers and to your helper, Keith!!                              Best, Margaret

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